Atlantic Cargo provides state-of-the-art FTL (Full Truckload) transportation services that best suit your shipping patterns. You can count on us for safe and timely transportation of your large shipments that require taking up the entire truck. As in FTL shipping, the whole truck space is occupied by your freight, it can be handled easily, and the risk of damage is very low. We have a team of logistics experts that monitors the transportation of your FTL freight while adhering to international safety standards.

Our Full Truckload Shipping Options

  • Dry Van Shipping
    With High-Quality Dry Van shipping services, we can transport almost any product that fits inside the enclosed dry van, such as electronics, furniture, clothing, flooring, building materials, non-perishable foods, drinks, cleaning products, and construction packaged goods.
  • Reefer Shipping
    We transport perishable, frozen, and chilled products via reefer shipping. We have upgraded reefer trailers equipped with the latest temperature management system to transport multi-temperature goods at maximum efficiency. You can count on our Reefer Truckload Shipping services to deliver food products, beverages, chilled foods, meats, or any perishable item that needs a specific temperature during the transit process.

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