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The foundation of Atlantic Cargo is laid on three basic principles: Professionalism, Honesty, and Respect. We have established a corporate culture based on respecting every person associated with Atlantic Cargo, whether an employee or a client. We consider our staff and clients “family members” and believe in the “give respect-get respect” principle.

Atlantic Cargo adheres to the following golden core values:

  • Customer Success – customer success is paramount at Atlantic Cargo.
  • Innovation – We primarily invest in logistics innovation to keep ourselves ahead in the ever-growing logistics competition.
  • Teamwork – We have a friendly, learning, and protective work environment at Atlantic Cargo, where our staff work as a team to achieve business goals.
  • Safety – For us, the security of our clients, workplace, and staff is a priority.
  • Accountability – Across-the-board accountability is one of the major contributing factors toward our success.
  • Fairness – We believe in adhering to the gold values of integrity, honesty, and transparency that allow us to inspire trust in our customers.

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