How To Downsize Your Home


Moving to a smaller place is a challenging and reason-based venture that entails
burdensome steps along the way. Most often, people decide to take this step to live
smaller on a solid basis: saving money, lacking the need for a big place, etc.
Depending on the cause that has made them consider downsizing, people may or
may go through certain states of mind and conditions that impact adversely their
moving out: they can be overwhelmed by stress if the decision was made due to
negative reasons such as a lack of financial resources for relocation.
Whatever drastic change or reason in one’s life has prompted one to downsize, this
process is intricate enough and requires some careful prep and consideration to
make it right. That said, we have handpicked the most time-proven tips on
downsizing a home.

Tip 1: List Your Things

In your new, smaller place, you won’t be able to fit in as many belongings as you
did in your larger home, so you have to make an inventory of your things in order
to know what to declutter.

Do some good thinking and first, decide what packaging will be needed for the
things you leave to yourself, and then think of what has to be donated or given

Tip 2: Use the “Three-Box-Method”

For going through your belongings, you need to have a system developed. One of
the best-known and most effective systems of organizing the moving process is the
“Three-box-method,” whereby you sort your things item by item and based on the
three categories of belonging: “Keep,” “Get rid of,” and “Put in storage.”

Now, it goes as you’ve categorized it: in the “Keep” box, you put the things that
you plan to take with you. In the “Get Rid Of” box, you place the belongings you
need to declutter and that have had little value for you lately. Put your sentimental
or seasonal items into the “Put In Storage” box. Then, when you are done with
loading each box, you should rearrange items from the “Put in Storage” box and
sort them into the rest of the boxes.

Tip 3: Declutter Wisely

Now that you’ve made your mind up about what belongings are not coming with
you, you have a plethora of options of how to get rid of them.

  • Donate
    The things you no longer need can be of value to other people. That said, post social media for others to know about things you are getting rid of. Or, use the always-helpful moth-of-word. Someone might want to come pick up the items that no longer serve you.
  • Throw a yard sale
    If you are leaving a big house, it may be located in a populated neighborhood, which increases your chances of selling your useless things to someone who could indeed use them. Plus, the “yard sale” fair is a great way to get more money.
  • Rent a dumpster
    Using a dumpster is a great option if you have a lot of things to throw away and downsize. It can be the household items that have little value or are broken.

Find a Reliable Transportation Company

Last but not least is the logistics of the home downsizing process. After sighing in relief that the packing processes have all been sorted out, keep in mind that there is still one important step to complete: moving your belongings. Given that the transportation business is rapidly growing now, you can rest assured that you’ll find a good trucking company.

There are some critical criteria for a dependable transportation company to carry your things safely:

  • Drivers’ expertise
  • Vehicle quality
  • Company’s reputability
  • Expedited shipping option

As you choose your transportation company, make sure to go through all of the aforementioned points, and you’ll end up standing at the porch of your new cute, small house with a thankful smile on your face!


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